Laurelton Operation Clean Up Hosts Second Event


The dedicated Laurelton residents of Operation Clean Up came out in full force for their second organizing clean up action for Merrick Blvd., June 3, 2017. The event attracted many new participants as well as returning community based organizations and civic associations. All volunteers were organized into teams and the focus for the second clean up was pulling up the weeds and making sure the curbs and sidewalks were clean. The NYPD Explorers were given the responsibility to remove posters from commercial fences and also paint on the fences ,”Post No Bills”, since it is illegal.

Volunteers gathered at Laurelton Library for the event


Despite a downpour of rain, the project had over 30 volunteers present to clean up and beautify Merrick Blvd. Ajuba Granville, a long time resident of Laurelton felt called to show up and volunteer. “This is an extension of who we are, proud, loving and caring and we want the best of our neighborhood and we want to continue the legacy with our children.” Tami Graves, a Laurelton resident who recently moved back to the community in the last few years stated that the Laurelton Operation Project promotes unity and increases a sense of pride. The event also attracted volunteers outside of the community like Peter Sisitsky and his children, Summer and Kyle. Participating in volunteer projects helps develop in children a sense of altruism.

Ajuba Granville & Bonnie Huie plan for the Clean Up


Xenia Rivera and Stefan Alexander of the P.S 132 News Team were at the event to interview participants about organizing effort for

Stefan Alexander and Xenia Rivera of P.S 132 interview volunteers for


The next event for the Laurelton Operation Clean will be July 8th, 2017 and Assemblywoman Alicia Hyndman will be sponsoring a street fair during the next clean to engage more community residents in this effort.


For more information regarding the Laurelton Operation Clean Up and to get involved please contact: laureltonoperationcleanup@gmail






  1. Very good initiative that is starting in the community. In light of current events, it great to see that even our young at heart understands how important it is to take of our environment. Great reporting from Xenia R. She makes me want to see more that the Laurelton community has to offer.

  2. This was such a wonderful idea to have Laurelton residents volunteer to clean up the community where they live. Operation Clean Up was definitely a success and can be used as an example for other communities.
    Our young journalist Xenia and camerman Stefan hard at work. Xenia “you are born free to be anything you want to be”, excellent job!

  3. Great job Xenia. We are so proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you anchoring the evening news. ❤️❤️

  4. Laurelton has a lot of great qualities and it’s best quality is the residents who are willing to make it an amazing place to live. Thanks for reporting on Operation Clean Up, I look forward to more great reporting.

  5. I am proud to see such talented young people involved in the neighborhood, this is a reflection of the gifted individuals which lives in the area and attends our local public schools.

  6. Xenia, Grandma loved your interviewing skills. Great job Xenia and Stefan. My heart is full knowing how much love these children have for their community.